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'Vintage Flinders, 1950's'

Medium: Acrylic and oils on stretched canvas. 

Size: 152cm x 122cm.

Description:   Vintage Flinders, 1950’s’, is a combination of “traditional and contemporary art styles”. I begin my paintings creating a striking semi abstract background, allowing the mood to emerge. Keeping a strong focus on tonal values, I form a focal point (being the horses), which were completed in oil paints in a layering, traditional technique. 

Availability: Available at ‘Clayfire Gallery’ in Daylesford. 


Medium: Acrylic and oils on stretched canvas. 

Size: 122cm x 91.4cm.

Description:  A monochromatic painting of our historic Flinders Station, featuring the first mass produced car the “Ford model T”, 1908!

Availability: Sold  



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