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Melbourne Vibes series

 My ‘Melbourne Vibes’ Series aims to portray the overall buzzing atmosphere and  ‘feel’ of of Melbourne City.   Flinders Station is one of my favourite Melbourne icons to work with as it is a grand, historic building that holds generations fo memories…

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Paris Series

‘The greatest adventures are sparked with a simple glimpse’…. Paris (known as The City of Love) provides the perfect setting to introduce hints of romance.  Often entailing beautiful melodies, couples and often capturing the first moment two poeple’s eyes meet…

Venice Charm Series

Venice, known as ‘The City on Water’ is one of the most romantic and mysterious places in the world.  This series of paintings are reminiscent of the calm and peaceful scene I experienced during my travels to Venice. I distinctly remember the lovely sunrise and sunset that gave the canals of Venice a magnificent glow. As well as the beautiful flora that drapes along every balcony and spiralled own the delicately patterned architecture. I aim to take one on a journey and capture the serene moments in Venice in a way that we can cherish forever.  

London Series

London is immersed in rich history, its buildings are eye catching milestones. Through this series I aim to portray its diverse and dynamix culture.


Couture Series

  When tradtional and contemporary styles come together to create a timeless, modern piece… My couture series consists of elegant figures intertwined into abstract backgrounds.   Some come as two panels, creating a striking effect as the movement flows from one canvas to the other. Rich in colour and tonal values, they are all completed with high quality oil paints.


Figurative Series

  Focusing on figures immersed into their surroundings, this series includes nudes and musical aspects.  Due to my athletic past, I paint figures that not only represent beauty, but also strength.  


Where it all began...

     I began my artistic journey as a traditional oil painter,  however it is interesting that the themes I use in all my current artworks are evident throughout my traditional paintings… whether it be Cityscapes, monochrome colour schemes, romance, love or flowers.


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