‘We’ll get the couch, the tv, the coffee table and we’ll leave the walls empty for now and fill them up at a later date.’  Does this sound like you?  Original Art is a key piece of furniture that is often put on the back-burn compared to other home objects.  However, art is vital part in turning your ‘House’ into a warm and loving ‘Home’. 

Here are 9 reasons why it is important to have artwork in your living environment.

1. Art helps distress and creates a pleasurable mood.

Whether is a feeling or memory, art has the ability to evoke powerful emotions within you.  It can make you remember a beautiful place, or cheer you up after a hard day at work. 

It can inspire, or provide comfort that we may not be the only ones feeling a certain way.  

Brain scans conducted by Zeki,  found that viewing art triggers a surge of dopamine (the feel good chemical) known to be responsible for desire, pleasure and romantic love.

Science has shown that viewing beautiful artwork can make you feel the same physical reactions you get when you ‘fall in love’.  

2. Original Art Allows you to express yourself


Art can awaken our creativity and self expression.  Nowadays people get so caught up in their busy work life, that creativity can be suppressed and forgotten about.  

The artwork you choose for your home can say a lot about your personality, social, political views and what is important to you.  

Sometimes you will look at an artwork, and connect with it straight away.  You may not even know why you love the piece so much, or maybe you just don’t know how to put it into words.  It is like music, a universal language that we can all enjoy together. 


3. Original Paintings can be a collection of memories

Remember that time you went for a romantic stroll down the City streets of Paris?

Or when you drifted down the enchanting Venice canals on a gondola with your significant other?

An artwork has the ability to draw you in and take you on a journey of past experiences, or perhaps future dreams that you would love to experience one day.

Therefore, personalising your space with meaningful artworks that connect with you can add a sense of love and warmth into a home like no other piece of furniture.


Are you tired of staring at blank walls, and of the endless left swipes of tinder, yet you still can’t find the right match for you?

Browse these romantic paintings to fill that hole in your life.

5.Creates a colour palette to harmonise your space


Is your room lacking a special something?

Perhaps it needs some authentic texture, or a colour to spice up the mood.  When you buy paintings with colour in them, it gives you the opportunity to utilise the colour options throughout the rest of the room.

Therefore, artwork can tie everything together and be the finishing element to any space.

5. A conversation starter

Whenever people visit your home, they will always be curious as to why you chose a certain piece of art.  They will be interested in the story behind the artwork and have certain questions about the artist. 

It ignites passionate conversation and gives people the ability to share thoughts and feelings that they normally wouldn’t.  If you have a grand home, a large original painting would be a great way to make a statement. 

For large paintings, you can visit this page to view one of a kind, masterpieces > Lux Range

6. Original Art Adds character to your home


Original art transforms an ordinary room, into a unique and personalised and engaging environment. 

When you buy original art, it is one of a kind.  The artist’s heart and soul was poured into creating that very painting – and that’s something special in itself.

7.Original Artwork is an investment


When you are buying from a reputable artist, you can be sure that any original artwork you purchase from the artist will appreciate in value.

Original art is something that can be passed down through family and friends for generations as the value continues to grow.

One way to tell if you are buying from a reputable artist is to ask for a discount – A true artist who has confidence in their work, should never devalue their original art with discounts, as their art should continuously be appreciating.

Why do you own original artwork? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



You now know the reasons why Original Art can be an awesome way to ‘breathe life’  into your home! Your home is ‘your’ place an d surrounding yourself with art you love will help you enjoy where you spend most of your time. 

You can browse available original artwork here.